Over Christmas in York I decided to make a few more small red canvases to add to the laundry wall.  The first ones I did were for the red challenge at the Designing Women exhibition but I like working this way.  It’s almost a series of samples of techniques I can incorporate in larger pieces. This one is LayeRED. Others will be ColouRED, TextuRED, etc. LayeRED is not yet attached to a canvas.

It’s now 29 January 2013 and I’m retro posting an image of the final mounted version of LayeRED.

LayerRED final form

LayerRED final form

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2 Responses to LayeRED

  1. lizarnold28 says:

    Great concept Margaret. I liked making these too – will probably make more.

  2. tezjul says:

    Looks great Margaret. I like the titles too. Very clever.

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