Sun Steaming in jar

Last week I collected hibiscus flowers from Claire’s place. I layed them onto a silk scarf, which had been soda ashed. I then sprayed the scarf with a solution of copper water to which an iron solution had also been added. I then rolled up scarf & wrapped string around it and placed it in glass jar in the sun for about 16 hours.

The results were quite nice shades of green/brown where flowers had been. I will now try and attach a photo. Not sure if my iPad can do this!



About Julie Devereux

Textile Artist living in Western Australia
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3 Responses to Sun Steaming in jar

  1. lizarnold28 says:

    Great first post Julie! πŸ™‚ Will be interesting to see what the colours are like in a week’s time.

  2. Margaret Ford says:

    That’s what I thought when I just saw this Julie. The green is quite green and I’ve always foudn it loses a lot when washed so let us know when you wash it? Whatever you end up with in terms of colour, you’ll still have a regular pattern of imprints there.

  3. tezjul says:

    I washed it before I took the photo, so that’s how it is. Must try some more & leave for longer.

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