More sun dyeing – hibiscus/ copper

After my last piece of sun dyed silk with hibiscus flowers with copper and iron, thought I’d try some more. This time the silk was not treated in any way prior. I tied bundles of flowers down the scarf, sprayed it with the copper/ iron solution. Had nice markings and equally as good as the last piece. There was a lot of white in the spaces so put the whole scarf in a solution of just copper water. After rinsing it has a lovely pale green over all look, but the blotches of stronger colour are a bit ordinary/brown looking. I also rolled up a piece of calico to see how the flowers and copper/iron solution would go with cotton. It worked very well. Some quite strong hints of blue.







About Julie Devereux

Textile Artist living in Western Australia
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3 Responses to More sun dyeing – hibiscus/ copper

  1. lizarnold28 says:

    Great post Julie. And the last photo is a great little artwork by itself – goes beyond pure documentary. I notice you used categories – wonder if we can add a category to an old post?

  2. Margaret Ford says:

    Julie, these are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what they look like made up. I’ll post soon some small bags I made from dyed silk scarves over the long weekend.

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