The Copper Project

My dad gave me a large copper tube, part of an old chimney I think. It had the others at our MELD meeting last week in very excited!  Julie suggested we wrap some silk around it, wet it, wrap it in plastic and wait…

Copper project 1

Five days later no real colour. On Julie’s suggestion I’ve now sprayed it with vinegar. I’ll keep you posted.

I had a fun and messy afternoon with my daughter and her friend tie dyeing t shirts. You can see the results on my blog. On the same afternoon  I made this piece below on silk / cotton voile. I concertina folded the fabric very roughly and tied off sections with elastic bands. I then applied the dye with a paint brush. I was pleased to see the dye penetrated throughout the section and also not bleed too much into other areas.

Red stripes

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One Response to The Copper Project

  1. lizarnold28 says:

    I wonder if the copper has got a protective layer on it – varnish or lacquer perhaps. Maybe if you rub the surface with a scourer in one patch to test the theory?…

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