Different Mordents by Julie

Another experiment with sun dyeing.
I have used white cotton fabric that has been prepared with soda ash solution.
In each case I have laid out my fabric and placed on dried flowers. Flowers are dark red and yellow from Hibiscus tree. Once on fabric I roll up and wrap with string. This is then dipped or sprayed with each mordent. Each piece was left in afternoon sun and following morning sun. Then removed, undone, and dried. I am yet to wash them.
JAR 1 – only WATER used. Result – colours came through very quickly. Seem to have gone more yellow as dried.



JAR 2- regular VINEGAR was used. Went very pink/ red almost immediately. Although again has darkened and only hints of pink.



JAR 3 – in COPPER water. Slight blue on edge of fabric, although yet to be washed.



JAR 4 – mixed solution of COPPER and IRON. It is darker of course.

JAR 5 – this time HOLLYHOCK flowers were used with COPPER water.



As you can see from the last photo, they all look much duller when dry.
All good in a day of fun.

About Julie Devereux

Textile Artist living in Western Australia
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