Crunch time on the Gallery of Choice?

The four of us met last Friday.  After richly rewarding visits to two exhibitions side by side in Northbridge (Revealed at Gallery@Central and Yudarn, Janine McAullay Bott’s first solo exhibition at the adjacent Showcase Gallery), we had coffee in the nice place at the rear of the WA Museum.

Liz and Julie had attended a free seminar, sponsored by the Wanneroo City Council on Thursday 18 April, on how to budget for and organise an exhibition.  Very valuable, they said, as they outlined to the other two of us what we needed to do for ours.

The big issue right now is: “where would we like to exhibit and how can we make that happen?” From the seminar they’d learned that exhibitors should settle this question at least 18 months out from the proposed exhibition opening.

Brass tacks time!

We agreed we’d LIKE a venue that was central ie in inner Perth.  We want it to be in a gallery that is well known to regular exhibition attendees including curators. We’d like high clear white walls and very good, preferably natural lighting.  (We are not all able to “fix up” a badly maintained or grotty areas, nor necessarily repaint walls when the exhibition is over.) Easy parking and/or good public transport access would assist people to attend. Wants and needs are often different.  Can we afford any of the top spaces?  Would owners of such spaces want to host our exhibition ( that is, how committed are they to emerging artists and/ or to supporting locals?)

Further research is clearly necessary.  Watch this space!!!

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