Update and Decisions

Since the last post nothing much has happened MELD-wise. Liz has been up to her ears in selling the house and planning the move to the new one, while Julie, Louise and I have been trying to get on with our pieces for the WAFTA exhibition, Mysterium, plus organising the bag display by WAFTA members as part of the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair this coming week.

However, we had a very productive, or potentially productive, meeting last Friday.

First, we affirmed that the objective of MELD is to introduce ourselves to the serious art world in Perth.  This is more important than selling the work.

The significance of this for the gallery we aim for is that it needs to be one that is front of mind with serious reviewers.  Louise compiled a list of reasons why a gallery should have us.  It looks convincing.  Between us we have a thorough knowledge of exhibition organisation and curation, from planning to installation.  We collectively have a quite vast set of textile skills. We all actively serve on textile group committees.  All of us have exhibited in group exhibitions and three of us have been selected into juried exhibitions.

We found it remarkably easy to reach agreement on a common theme.  It will involve circles.  This enables us to show our individual styles while still having some unifying element. We also like the idea of incorporating light into our various works.  For example LED tubing within a 3D piece. Working title?  A few contenders there but Jump is currently a favourite.  As in “jumping in”!

Each of us had drafted CVs and a Bio and we agreed that when we’d polished them up we’d seek advice from an expert on whether they could be further improved. Josh Wells took head shots of each of us for the CVs.

In terms of work: each of us to prepare a few larger pieces; a series of , say, ten to fifteen smaller works in a particular format (but this could be different for each of us); and some sculptural pieces such as bowls, pods, figures…  We discussed the possibility that our respective series might be hung with a coloured background or a “frame” that unified each set.

It would be good if each of us assembled information on the ideas we have for our work towards the show.  Some photos of prototypes or some sketches for example.  Obviously we also need to gather together images of our previous work..

We rather like the idea of designing and having some plinths made to display work. Louise will explore this with her father when he comes back from overseas. We are aware that other groups also need plinths and display boxes.

We decided that we’d put our portfolios together by mid-June.  Liz knows an expert consultant who may agree to provide a professional service to us in that process.

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