Retreat – to withdraw or retire from…

march 2014 060We withdrew from the day to day routine of work, meetings, school runs, child minding etc to work on our exhibition without distraction for a week in the lovely beach town of Busselton.

We became refreshed and inspired by walks along the nearby beach, and enjoyed wonderful meals and the thrill of not having to cook every night.

march 2014 112The odd glass of wine in the evenings and the freedom to work until late in the night…

march 2014 133march 2014 132Our week included stitching, crocheting, drawing and planning along with critique and encouragement of each others work. By the end of the week many ideas were formed and some pieces well on their way.

march 2014 115march 2014 116march 2014 118march 2014 117Most pleasingly we arrived at a title for the exhibition (to be announced publicly at a later date) along with developing an exhibition timeline, which in turn helped us identify other areas we need to plan for the exhibition.march 2014 113 march 2014 134

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