Julie has gone OS for three months.  Louise had her office to attend to.  So two of the four of us , Liz and I, met to have a “half MELD” meeting.  And what a wonderful meeting it was for me!

There I was, fiddling with a potential 3D piece in crochet.  Wondering if the wire I was about to incorporate would really hold it all up in the way I intended….

Suddenly Liz broke off her retelling of a visit to a model shop with her father in law Eddie..  She realised that the piano wire Eddie had bought there might offer me a solution.  We dropped our needles and threads and crochet hooks and ran out to Liz’ car.  Drove to said model shop.  Wow!  Carbon fibre and metallic “posts” ideal for supporting my vessels!  Example:

black carbon fibre supports

It’s not clear from the image, but these “posts” are four sided and very sharp.  They and their brass and silver friends are destined to be the “supports de jour” in my 3D work for quite some time…..Bunnings has been temporarily replaced by Stanbridges!!!

Thank you Liz!  Another demonstration of the importance of collaboration in art.  Without the support, practical as well as emotional,  of my fellow MELD members, my vessels would be limp and inadequate indeed. As it is, I’m beginning to feel quite excited about my contribution to the exhibition!


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