Different light

ImageImage These 2 photos are of the same yarn collage diptych on Naturecore boards intended for mixed media. The top one was taken using flash and the second one without flash. They’re quick snapshots of work in progress for the exhibition. That really black black in the top photo is what it really looks like – the bluish tinge in the second photo is a phenomenon which only appears when the photo is taken in natural light, it never looks like that to my eye in real life. Really weird. Anyway, I’m quite pleased with the actual 5 yarn collages (if not the photos!) so far. Yesterday I realised they would be improved with some more binder medium in the centre of the thread rings. I’ve just done that this afternoon so now I’m waiting for them to dry (again) before varnishing. The Naturecore boards are wonderful to work on for mixed media. The boards are very firm (no give like canvas) yet are very light for their size. The rigidity is a big plus for collage – the lack of flex means no cracking of paint, glue or paper. I really like them. I bought mine at Jacksons in Balcatta, Western Australia although they don’t seem to be on the Jacksons website just yet.


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One Response to Different light

  1. Margaret Ford says:

    These are really strong Liz. Love them, even without being able to see the tiny thread circles that I know are there!

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