With our exhibition title Hidden Revealed Transformed now announced, I’m feeling the pressure to convey its relationship to what I’m doing…..

I’m a member of another group called Designing Women.  DW has an exhibition this year also.  One of its challenges was an “animal mineral vegetable” work to be mounted on a 12 ins canvas.  So I did that using a lot of fabric I’d dyed with natural substances from plants.  I also use rust a lot so that (mineral) was no problem  either.  Of course, I use both cotton and silk so I’ve got vegetable and animal covered there! Little secrets like crochet with stainless steel thread add to the equation….


Animal mineral and vegetable #1

Animal mineral and vegetable #1

But back to MELD. I’m playing with my naturally dyed fabrics and my old sewing machine (the new Pfaff having died) to produce some backgrounds for stitching. I’m probably only achieving “transformed ” right now.  I have this idea though that a piece of hand-dyed fabric, especially one that has lain outside in the sun and the rain with bits of rusty iron and copper and some fruit skins on it,  will be harbouring hidden secrets that can be revealed.  That revelation often comes when you select a small piece to incorporate in another bigger piece. And when you put all the pieces together you get a transformation.

Hand dyed fabrics pieced as backgrounds

Hand dyed fabrics pieced as backgrounds

Anyway, transformation is serendipitous!

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