Hand and Needle Connected

Well the holiday of a life time is over and I’m not totally sure if my head has stopped spinning. I have thought about my art of course whilst viewing so many spectacular galleries, museums, buildings and places in Germany, Italy, France, UK and Hong Kong. But I did not do any sewing at all. My brain was in overload though, so now is the time to settle, take some deep breaths and begin my stitching journey again.
It doesn’t take long once you pick up the needle and thread to get back in the rhythm of the stitch. So my large blanket pieces for our exhibition are well on their way to being completed. Then there will be my smaller stitched series to re visit and attack. I must remember, one stitch at a time and one day at a time. It’s wonderful to be home and in a familiar rhythm.


About Julie Devereux

Textile Artist living in Western Australia
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One Response to Hand and Needle Connected

  1. louise708 says:

    Your piece is looking great Julie. What a wonderful reminder just to keep stitching.

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