Perhaps this title is an over-statement.  You need to have made solid progress to be in consolidation phase!  Yet, that’s how I feel.  Today I had what I called my “first fitting” for the wooden frames for my three dimensional exhibition pieces. Wood craftsman Edgar Arnold is making them and has done a beautiful job.  So beautiful a job that I’m a bit reluctant to paint over his joinery but the design requires that.

One of the joys of working collaboratively in the MELD group, and with Eddie, is the process of exchanging ideas and solutions that take the piece beyond where it would have been if it had relied exclusively on my own brain.  Problems became solutions and have a better design as a result.  This has been one of the major developmental outcomes for me of being in MELD.

I can’t show the frames here so you’ll have to wait until they are unveiled at the opening!  I’m not even going to tantalise you with pictures of tissue wrapped works as Louise has!

Having just been to Bunnings I can report that their eye hooks are not as small as I need for one of the pieces which will be suspended in an open-sided “box frame”.  So I’ll need to find another supplier- perhaps a model shop? I also need to source some long pieces of wrapped wire for another work.  Am hoping that florists might have the solution…..I didn’t envisage I’d be doing so much shopping to resolve works!

In the meantime, I’ve made lunch for the next MELD meeting at my place (vegetarian spinach from my garden and imported feta cheese)



and finished the last of nine “leaves”:

IMG_2439Funny that the colours seem to have something in common?


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