How to have a successful exhibition

A couple of weeks or so ago the MELD group held a serious planning meeting.  It’s not that our previous planning meetings haven’t been serious.  It’s just that this one seemed more so because of the rapidly approaching exhibition opening date (Friday 17 October).

We reviewed all our previous decisions and heard from each other about printing quotes for the catalogue and invitations.  A plan for processing sales throughout the exhibition and in particular on opening night was formulated.  Tasks were allocated among us, such as updating this blog (big mea culpa here!) and drawing up a roster for staffing the exhibition (I DID get that done!)  We even spent some time talking about the catering!  We’re doing that ourselves.

Above all, mindful of the (albeit commercial marketing) axiom “a successful  exhibition depends on good relationships” we gave each other the benefit of our constructive views on the final form of several pieces of work.  That was actually quite easy for me since there was lots of marvellous work in the room.

The final form of much of my work was in my imagination and I suspect it was the same for my fellow “MELDers”.

Just before I embarked on this blog I googled for tips on pulling off a great exhibition.  I found a lot of sites and we seem to have ticked all the boxes!  Time will tell of course, and we’ll be looking to visitors rather than ourselves to judge the value of the exhibition experience and of our work, but I think we feel we’ve done our very best so far.

Tomorrow is a big milestone.  Photography day.  From 9am we’ll be gathering at Louise’s place and styling our work so that our photographer, Josh Wells (who won another photographic award recently) can make images worthy of our catalogue and our invitations.

I just hope that I can finalise what’s supposed to be mounted into this frame in time.  I’ve lavished Edgar Arnold’s beautiful frame with numerous light coats of black gloss paint yet each time I look at it I see another insufficiently covered spot. And the house smells of turps!

Frame in search of something fulfilling!

Frame in search of something fulfilling!



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  1. louise708 says:

    Looking forward to seeing it fulfilled Margaret!

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