Photography Day

Last Friday was the photography day for our exhibition work. The date was set at 6 weeks before the exhibition opening to allow for plenty of time to prepare and print the catalogue and invites. There were a few very late nights stitching, painting and preparing to get all of the work completed in time.

Sept 1 003

Liz setting up a series of her work to be photographed

Photography of textiles can be a bit of a challenge. You need to find  a place to hang the work where Josh (our photographer) can also control the natural light. Each work is rarely the same size or has the same hanging system and due to the nature of fabric they often don’t hang very straight. We have found in previous photo shoots that pinning works to a large pin up board works very well. The works can be pinned to sit flat and the background fabric can be stretched taut.   About a month ago I found a secondhand free standing partition board on Gum Tree. It is 1.8m  x 2m and was a bargain at $75! My ever handy Dad put lockable castors on it so we can wheel it around the house. It has already been very useful as a design board.

Sept 1 007

Preparing one of my pieces for photography

Sept 1 012

Three of us pinning and measuring Julie’s work to make sure it is straight

We set up the “Photography Studio” in the kitchen as it is the best area in the house to control the lighting. And as you can see lots of sustenance is required on photography day. Many cups of  tea and coffee, and cake!

We used double bed sized sheets as the background covers. By pinning  black on one side of the partition board and white on the other it meant there was less time spent changing backgrounds. Sept 1 004After a full day of photographing our work,  Josh took some publicity photos of all of us. We then all celebrated a busy and successful day with a glass of Prosecco and some of Margaret’s yummy curry puffs.

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