About MELD

Liz Arnold, Margaret Ford, Julie Devereux and Louise Wells formed MELD as a mechanism to stretch our creativity and provide mutual support as we pursue our individual art goals. We made a commitment to work as a group on Melbourne Cup Day 2012, and held our first planning meeting on 20 December 2012 at Cafe Mia, Beaufort St, Inglewood.  Our group name is derived from our initials (M)argaret, (E)lizabeth, (L)ouise and Julie (D)evereux.

We meet as a group fairly frequently in each others homes. We also see each other often while we’re out and about as we all belong to groups such as WAFTA and WAQA. Lately we have been attending exhibitions and openings together too. We are currently working towards a group exhibition to be held at the Showcase Gallery, cnr Beaufort Street and Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia from 17 October to 1 November 2014.


One Response to About MELD

  1. wafta1 says:

    Terrific blog liz!! Tks for it/ I’ll do a post now!

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