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How to have a successful exhibition

A couple of weeks or so ago the MELD group held a serious planning meeting.  It’s not that our previous planning meetings haven’t been serious.  It’s just that this one seemed more so because of the rapidly approaching exhibition opening … Continue reading

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Perhaps this title is an over-statement.  You need to have made solid progress to be in consolidation phase!  Yet, that’s how I feel.  Today I had what I called my “first fitting” for the wooden frames for my three dimensional … Continue reading

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Another “leaf”

Conscious of the time ticking away, I’ve just tackled another of my 3d “leaves”.  Inverted commas are there because they could be hiding something else….. Anyway, this one is one of my favourites.  It may make the cut when I’ve … Continue reading

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With our exhibition title Hidden Revealed Transformed now announced, I’m feeling the pressure to convey its relationship to what I’m doing….. I’m a member of another group called Designing Women.  DW has an exhibition this year also.  One of its … Continue reading

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Julie has gone OS for three months.  Louise had her office to attend to.  So two of the four of us , Liz and I, met to have a “half MELD” meeting.  And what a wonderful meeting it was for … Continue reading

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Reconnoitring the Gallery

We visited the Showcase Gallery last month to get plans and see how it “feels”.  On the corner of Aberdeen and Beaufort Streets in Perth it’s  a handy place to get to.   Inside is a lovely high ceilinged space … Continue reading

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MELD Retreat

Yay!  We have begun 2014 with a definite date for a stitching and design retreat.  In March we’ll spend 5 precious days in Busselton. We are delighted that the chosen gallery wants us; it’s now just a matter of negotiating … Continue reading

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