Margaret – Profile

Photography by Josh Wells

Photography by Josh Wells






I have been stitching in some form or another since childhood.  Patchwork, knitting, dyeing, beading, crocheting, felting, embroidery, other surface embellishments, you name it.  I’m a magpie in terms of collecting techniques. I guess I know a lot but don’t (or can’t) do a lot, or not a lot that is good quality artistically. The Americans would say that I haven’t “found my  voice” yet. Perhaps I never will but I don’t want to die wondering….

So, this year (2013) I have promised myself and the friends who comprise MELD that I will put less emphasis on contributing my organisational and writing skills to the many good organisations and committees I belong to. With the time released, I will put  more effort into improving my designs.

I have a program of monthly milestones to achieve.  The first was to get a cleaner. That’s done.  Next was to start a blog.  Also done.

Long term, I’d like to produce works that are recognisably mine, and that provoke thought about key social issues.  I’d like them to be acceptable to galleries.

Here goes!!!!


3 Responses to Margaret – Profile

  1. john parkes says:

    Hello Margaret… yesterday I gave a string (2 ply cord) making workshop and a woman, who is ’70 next week’… ‘found her voice’ with string… it was a delight to watch…

    John P.

  2. Dawn Newman says:

    Hi Margaret, The women of MELD are excellent with their ideas and comments. A credit to patchwork and Quilting. Could you please contact me on 0428 848 305 (Dawn) or 0428 838 011 (Ros) with regards to the Field of Quilts being held on September 24th 2017 please.

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